How to Play Zonk

Zonk is an easy-to-play, fun quiz game. When you get a question correct, you can choose up to 3 point-scoring cards, and you can "bank" those points at any time. Watch out for the ZONK, though! It will take away all the points you earned so far on this turn. Either way, it's on to the next question!

Single Player Game

Zonk gameplay

Choose your Quiz

Select the quiz you want to take using our easy-to-navigate search system. Your favorite quizzes are just a touch away!

Zonk gameplay

Answer Questions

Questions can be multiple choice (shown in the picture above), true/false, or fill-in-the-blank. Time to put on your thinking cap!

Zonk gameplay

Score Points!

When you answer a question correctly, you get to pick up to three cards, with values from 100 to 500 points. You can choose to "bank" your points at any time. If you choose a "Zonk" card, you lose all the points earned for this question, so choose carefully! On the last question, you can choose as many cards as you dare.

Team Game

Note: team mode is currently only available on the iOS version of the app.

Zonk gameplay

Stealing a Question

In Team Mode, if a team gives an incorrect answer, the opposing team gets the chance to "steal" the board by choosing the correct answer. If they succeed, they get to choose cards and score points!

Zonk gameplay

Optimized for Classroom Play

When you play in Team Mode, the cards are numbered to make it easy for students to choose a card from their seat in the classroom.

Zonk gameplay

Final Scores

At the end of the game, both team's scores are shown so everyone can congratulate the winners!

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