Zonk Review Game

Zonk is an educational game for kids of all ages that makes learning easy and fun! Zonk began in the classroom as a way to make quiz review a fun, engaging experience. In fact, your child may have first seen Zonk used in class at school. Using Zonk at home is a great way to reinforce what has been taught at school. It makes schoolwork feel like a game! It is also relevant to your child's needs because of our easy-to-use quiz creator. You can enter quizzes here on the Zonk website for your child to use, or their teacher can enter quizzes for the whole class to use both in class and at home.

  •  Children are excited to learn!
  •  Easily create your own quizzes.
  •  Select from quizzes created by other users.
  •  Children can review quizzes multiple times on their own.
  •  Fun while learning, what more can a parent ask for?

Here are some step by step instructions that will help you enter content into the Zonk Review Game.

Zonk Review Game

Single-Player Game

The single-player game is easy to play- kids love it! You'll love it too, because your child will be playing the exact same quizzes at home that they use in the classroom. When your child gets a question correct, they get to choose up to 3 point-scoring cards, and they can "bank" the points they've earned at any time. Watch out for the ZONK, though! It will take away all the points earned so far on this turn. Either way, it's on to the next question!

On the last question, you're not limited to just three point cards--you can "push your luck" as far as you dare. How many points can you score?

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Great for the classroom, great at home

Zonk is an exciting game to play in the classroom, and it's just as fun at home! You can use the exact same quizzes that your child's teacher uses in the classroom, so you know your child is focusing on the right material for them. You can even create your own quizzes using our simple Web interface--this is a great option for homeschoolers or parents whose teacher hasn't used Zonk in their classroom yet. Simply sign up for a free account today and you can begin entering quizzes for your child or your child's class!

Note: team mode is currently only available on the iOS version of the app.