Zonk Bingo

Zonk Bingo is an educational game for kids that is designed to be played in the classroom where each student has their own iPad as well as the teacher. You can enter vocabulary lists here on the Zonk website for your students to use in the app. Lists will be randomized to create a bingo board for your students, and a unique list for you to call bingo from. Simply sign up for a free account today and you can begin entering vocab lists for your class!

How to Play

Player Type

Choosing Your Type

To start off, select if you will be playing as a Student or a Teacher.

Zonk gameplay

Entering the Bingo ID

Have your Students enter the Bingo ID number that is associated with the Vocabulary List you have chosen.

Student Bingo Board

Play Bingo!

A simple click on your student's board will select the square so that they can keep track of the words for which they think you have given the definition. Once a student calls Bingo, just have your students press Play List Again to get fresh bingo boards.

Teacher View

Zonk Bingo Search

Choose Your List

Select the vocab list you want to use with our easy-to-navigate search system. Your favorite vocab lists are just a touch away!


Calling Bingo

After you tell your class which list they are working from, you can begin calling out definitions for them. Depending on the size of your list, your students may only see the some of the words from your list on thier board. It is up to them to decifer each definition you give them. If your playing again and see a word you just called, you can skip and save the word for later in the game.


Checking Bingo

When a student calls bingo, hit the Check for Bingo button on your teacher board, and you will see all the words that you have called. Scroll through the list to see how well your student has memorized his vocab words. Simply hit Return to Current game if your student calls incorrectly, or hit Restart Bingo to play again!

Download the App Today

The Zonk Bingo app is currently available for iPad and you can download it from iTunes today.


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